HOPE's Response to COVID-19

Last updated 3/24/20

All HOPE-related, in-person events are cancelled or postponed until  April 11.

For information about our March 29

Jesus Has Left the Building and We're Following Him event click here

Please remember these two things as we journey through this difficult time together:

The church is not the building, the church is the people.

Although we cannot gather together, in-person, as a community, we must still seek to fulfill our primary reason for being: relationship.  Even at physical distance we can maintain our relationships of loving God, loving neighbor and loving self. We will, however, have to be more intentional about instigating those relationships and those interactions. Our Community Life team is developing ways for us to remain intentionally connected and those will be communicated in the coming days. In the meantime, though, reach out to those who you would normally greet - even if it is just an email or text, check-in with your literal neighbors, make time and space in your daily lives for prayer and meditation, and be attentive to your needs without feeling selfish or guilty. 

Make REAL the Kin_dom of God.

This era of anxiety, stress, and emotional isolation is an essential time to keep living into the vision of God's reign of peace, joy, love, justice, and hope. Lower on this page are two opportunities for this under the "How you can help" section, but we encourage you to find other ways, too! Love others and yourself. Care for your neighbors and yourself. Find joy. Share resources. Seek justice. Share peace. 

If you would like more information on why social distancing is a necessary response to this pandemic please refer to this article from the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security: What is Social Distancing

Below you will find information about HOPE's Response

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Sunday morning gatherings

Updated 3/24/20

This Sunday we will not have our typical gatherings as it is a mission project, 5th Sunday! 

Visit www.sharehope.org/jhltb for more information about our Jesus Has Left the Building and We're Following Him event.

On April 5 we will be back on our typical Sunday schedule:

Adult Quest (9a-10a) - live conference call

  1. Shortly before 9am, call: (712)770-4844 (Unfortunately, some cell phone carriers do not allow free calls to this conference call number)
  2. When prompted enter the access code: 891496#

To access the curriculum click here. 

To access the video click here.

Worship (10:10a) - pre-recorded video

Watch the video anytime below or join us for a live Watch Party at 10:10am on our Facebook page

Other Upcoming Events

Updated 3/24/20

All in-person HOPE events are cancelled until further notice.

This includes:

  • Explore Your Faith Morning and Evening Groups - March 25, April 1, April 7, April 8, cancelled.

  • The Landing Youth Group - April 5, cancelled.

  • Rainbow Faith - March 22, cancelled.

  • Jesus Has Left the Building and We're Following Him - March 29, altered, but our leaders have developed opportunities for us to work for justice that morning at home! Click here for more details.

  • Ministry Council and other committee/team meetings - Chairs and ministry leaders will either postpone their meetings or hold their meetings using our conference call capabilities. Look for communication from your ministry chairs and leaders.

  • Holy Week - We will not hold in-person Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services though we may be able to offer an online or livestreamed option. Keep checking back for more details!
  • Game Show Palooza - Rescheduled for October 17, 2020.

How you can help

In addition to remaining in electronic or phone contact with one another and caring for each other that way, there are two additional ways we might support each other during this time. 

Please contact the leaders in these two areas if you need help or are willing to help.

Opportunity #1: Wage justice - Contact Erin C.

Some of our HOPErs work in industries/jobs that are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and have experienced or will experience decreased compensation due to lost hours/wages without paid leave. We as a faith family are collecting funds that can be distributed to fellow HOPErs to help with essential expenses such as housing, utilities, groceries, medication, etc.

Opportunity #2: Essential errands - Contact Mary K.

There are those among us who are a part of the very high risk population who must self-isolate during this pandemic. We as a faith family are available to each other to run essential errands (such as groceries, medication, etc) if necessary.

Updated Office Hours

Updated 3/24/20

For the time being there will be no office hours available. Staff will only be accessing the church on an as-needed basis. 

Gail is available as able by email and Pastor Lucas is available by cellphone or email.