Spaces for rent

Rent space at HOPE UCC at very reasonable prices for special occasions, classes, or meetings. Our building is fully accessible with no stairs and included in each rental is access to two all-gender restrooms (one fully accessible with baby changing table), a lobby/reception area, kitchenette, nursery and a large parking lot for convenience.

The spaces available for rental are listed below. 

Discounted pricing is available with an extended agreement.

  • sanctuary

    See the space.

    44 x 32 (75 - 100 person capacity)

    One-time use price: $100/hour for-profit use, $60/hour non-profit use.

    The sanctuary space at HOPE is truly a flexible space that can be used for a range of events. Typically, the space is set up for worship with around 80 chairs. It features Tables, Cushions for Children, Sound System & Microphone and Projection Equipment. The room can be set-up for movie viewings, conferences and presentations, large group exercise or yoga classes, weddings, and more!


  • Library

    See the space.

    12 x 30 (15 - 20 person capacity)

    One-time use price: $35/hour for-profit use, $20/hour non-profit use.


    The library is a perfect space for a variety of uses. It is set-up with tables and chairs ideally for conferences, teaching events, or large support group/meetings. The room can also be cleared of furniture for use by a small exercise or yoga class. The room comes with  a mounted TV and built-in DVD player perfect for digital presentations.

  • classroom #3

    See the space.

    11”4” x 14’ (6 – 8 people capacity)

    One-time use price: $25/hour for-profit use, $15/hour non-profit use.


    This room can accommodate 6-8 people. It features an 8’ table and chairs with a mounted TV and built-in DVD player.  This space is perfect for a small support group, teaching, tutoring  and more!

  • additional areas included with each rental

    Lobby/Reception Area

    See the space.

    Our lobby area is an open and welcoming space that can accommodate a table while still allowing plenty of room for people to gather before or after an event.



    See the space.

    The HOPE nursery is a welcoming space for children ages 0 to 4 with a variety of toys along with a collection of children's movies/videos  that can be played on the small TV with a built-in VHS player. This room features two windows – one large window with one-way glass to observe the nursery from the sanctuary, and one small window from the hallway. In addition, the room has a speaker system so those in the nursery can stay connected  with what is happening in the sanctuary. We expect children to always be supervised by at least one adult during events. 



    See the space.

    Prep area for beverages and snacks (With refrigerator and microwave in a separate room.)


    See the space.

    Two all-gender bathrooms (One Handicap Accessible with Diaper Changing Station)


    Each building user will be required to sign a Building Use Agreement that lays out what we expect of building users and what building users can expect from us.


    If you would like more information, or an appointment to look at our rental space, please contact us at 630-922-0470 or by emailing