Gathering Guidelines

as of reopening July 4, 2021

1. Are masks required?

Yes. In order to open at full capacity without any social distancing requirements and to encourage all to participate in singing and reading, masks will be required by everyone ages 3+. 

Currently, vaccinations are available only to people 12 years of age and older. It is anticipated that in the coming months vaccines will be available for younger age groups, at which time, we may make changes to the mask requirement. 

To facilitate hearing and understanding, worship leaders will be permitted to remove their masks when at the podium and leading their component of worship.

2. What should I expect when I arrive? 

Please plan to arrive early!

When you arrive you will be welcomed by the Greeter at the door who will ensure that you have a mask (or provide one if you do not) and offer hand sanitizer.

As you move into the lobby, you will interact with the Conductor who, for contact tracing purposes, will mark your name down if we already have your contact information or will provide you a brief contact information form to complete if we do not. The Conductor will also ensure that you have a nametag with a colored sticker indicating your comfort level with interactions:

  • Red: please keep your distance

  • Yellow: comfortable with elbows, handshakes, high fives

  • Green: comfortable with hugs

You will then be invited to move directly to the sanctuary or classroom and not congregate in the hallway or lobby.

3. What about physical rituals like passing the peace, passing attendance pads and offering baskets and communion?

Passing the peace: we will pass the peace while honoring the color coded stickers on folks’ nametags.

  • Red: please keep your distance

  • Yellow: comfortable with elbows, handshakes, high fives

  • Green: comfortable with hugs

Offering baskets: with everyone masked and following hand sanitizing procedures, we will pass the offering baskets

Prayers card: will be available at greeting station, by name tags, on table in sanctuary and will be placed in the offering baskets for incorporation in our time of community prayer.

Communion: Prepackaged communion will be provided to all who wish to participate. For the time being there will be no use of communal elements.

4. What about Adult Quest and Kids Quest?

Adult Quest will relaunch in person starting July 4 with a Zoom option. 

Kids Quest and the Landing will restart in the future - hopefully by the time school starts for the fall.

5. What about coffee hour?

We will have fellowship time after worship in the sanctuary until 12:30pm. For the time-being, we will not be providing refreshments for coffee hour but we encourage folks to BYOB. Please avoid crowding in the hallway or the lobby of the church.

6. Will we continue with online options?

Yes, Zoom and Facebook options will continue in July and then we expect to move back to only livestreaming on Facebook and posting video on YouTube in August. This is unless we find there is significant need to continue offering Zoom. Either way, unfortunately, due to technological limitations, those who participate in online worship will be more in the role of spectator rather than mutual participant. 

7. How can I get more information?

We will have signs posted at the front entrance as well as throughout the building with pertinent information and instructions. We will also post information on our website, social media, newsletter, and email communications. If you have any questions, please email Pastor Lucas at