Premarital Counseling

Hello! Welcome to the webpage for premarital counseling with Pastor Lucas. Below you will find information for what will be included in each session of counseling as well as any documents or resources we may be using. 

Session ONE - Getting to Know You

There is no prep work for this session. 

During this session you can expect me to ask you to tell your story about how you met, what your relationship is like, what your lives are like, and such. This is mostly a past and present focused conversation.  Don't worry we'll get to the big questions about the future soon!

Session TWO - Life's Questions

We will never fully know each other as individuals because we are always changing and evolving as individuals. The goal of session two is to work together to model naming and discussing important questions of life. We do this together in the safe space of counseling in hopes of providing an example that can be referenced later of how these sorts of conversations can feel and "go".


Each future spouse will print off a copy of this document and individually circle the number of questions indicated in each section of the document. Circle the questions that seem most important or most thought provoking to you.

Please try not to share which questions you choose in advance of the session. 


Together we will go through the document and discuss several of the questions that you circled...or we might discuss a question that neither of your circled, but that I think is important after hearing your stories. :)


Practice with several of the other questions.

Session Three - Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent communication is a specific way of approaching conversations in hopes of ensuring that everyone's needs are met in life-giving ways. 


1) Read together this summary of nonviolent communication.

2) Watch as much of this video that you can. It is three hours long, so it's okay if you don't get to all of it.

The Basics of Nonviolent Communication


We will review and practice together the method of Nonviolent Communication


Continue to be aware of the ways in which focusing on nonviolence in your communication can enhance your ability to connect with your future spouse and others.