our mission work

This is how we live our faith

Our faith teaches us to express our love as Jesus taught by loving God, neighbor, and self. One way we do this is to serve others and our Mission Ministry regularly offers opportunities for that service. We work to help our siblings facing homelessness, hunger, food insecurity, and the unique challenges of the LGBT*Q+ community.  These are some of the ways we live our faith.

for the food insecure

HOPE supports Loaves and Fishes, Green Harvest, Feed My Starving Children with food drives and volunteers.

Four times a year, typically on the fifth Sunday of a month, HOPE gathers in worship by working in teams to serve in the community.

Through Jesus Has Left the Building and We’re Following Him, HOPE:

- Feeds homeless families

- Builds sustainable farms with Heifer Project International

- Renovates group homes

- Refurbishes community policing facilities

- Provides school supplies to indigent children

- Builds church camp housing


- And much, much more!

interfaith relationships

Our faith calls us to build relationships

with those who understand God and their faith differently than we do.


For almost a decade, HOPE has been cultivating a relationship with the Islamic Center of Naperville

by sharing  prayers, celebrations, 

and social gatherings.